Home Remedies for Strep Throat

The group of bacteria which is responsible for strep throat can very conveniently be passed from one individual to the other because it is a very contagious disease. It’s through sneezing, coughing and direct touch by which bacteria get transferred. So if you don’t want to be a sufferer from the infection caused by these streptococcus bacteria than be very precise about the preventive measures like proper personal hygiene and avoidance of contact with the person who is infected from this diseases and those who are already a victim of the contagious strep throat disease should also avoid spreading the bacteria by taking specific measures. A course of antibiotics is what doctors recommend to the sufferers because if untreated or not properly treated this disease can produce complications. Though medical treatments are very suitable in minimizing this disease but there are also some home remedies for sore throat which are very effective and efficient. These home remedies not only work by relieving us from the symptoms of disease but also speed up the recovery process. Home remedies for strep throat are more effective when collaborated with proper diet, excessive fluids and appropriate rest.

Some of the most effective remedies include usage of Chamomile tea, gargling, herbal remedies like eucalyptus, sage, Echinacea, peppermint jasmine, lavender, thyme and rosemary etc. Similarly use of honey and garlic for easing the symptoms of strep throat is also very helpful and they act as antibiotic treatments. But the most vital thing to consider is that home remedies for this condtion must be utilized along with prescribed medications and not alone because in that case the disease would not be properly cured.

One of the most appropriate home remedy is chamomile tea because of its analgesic properties it can result in quick relief from throat pain. Sage is another home remedy that if administered regularly can cause reduction in inflammation and also acts as a protective shield for soft tissues of throat. Like chamomile peppermint is extremely efficient in reduction of abdominal pain and nausea.

You can also fight with bacteria and can visibly reduce your throat inflammation if you gargle with a bit hot salt water because bacteria’s which are the cause of strep throats  can be diminished by gargling and the airways that are blocked with mucus can also be cleared by the aid of saline nasal sprays. Maintaining warm temperature is also very important and avoidance of strong odors also protects from further respiratory system inflammation.

Lavender, rosemary, jasmine and thyme can be used in the form of essences or ointments because their intake reduces pain and provides relaxation to body. Slippery bark elm is also very beneficial in reduction of throat infection. Garlic due to the possession of antibiotic properties is also very helpful in assisting recovery from strep throat infection.

Apart from these remedies for strep throat make sure that you sleep enough because regeneration and maintenance of immune system is done by the help of appropriate sleep. And if you find any difficulty or problem in sleeping due to strep throat take some natural analgesic and sedatives like ginseng and passion flower.

Retail Therapy, Caftans, Specifically

One thing I’ve always loved are caftans and wrap skirts (though not necessarily together). They’re earth mama-y, but in a floaty lightweight fabric, they’re kinda casual-luxe, too. Granola, but via Whole Foods, not No Frills. I found some awesome options in beautiful Indian silk at Blue Banana Market (http://bluebananamarket.com), a shop that opened recently in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

The 7,000-square-foot shop features wares from about 80 vendors who pay rent and a cut of the profits. The best thing about the place is you pay at one central cash station (run by Blue Banana), and the booths are all unmanned, so you don’t have to worry about getting the hairy eyeball if you try on a bunch of stuff on and don’t buy anything.

Though that’s likely not a problem if you hit Sapphire, a booth set near the stairs to the second floor. They’ve got two racks of gorgeous silk shirts, wrap skirts and dresses, all for under $40 a piece.

Cruise wear, resort wear, busy-mom-who-wants-no-brainer-outfits-to-wear-on-vacation wear, whatevs. I just know I need to go back and buy more, even though our family vacation seems to be in jeopardy thanks to the vast sum of money I’m owed by Canada’s biggest printer, currently hiding from people like me (and bigger companies too) under creditor protection. The fact that I haven’t taken to the road to torch some executive’s house is thanks to the calming mandala swirls on the reversible wrap skirt, I think.

The Day My Life Changed

My story begins years ago. At the time, my husband and I were a few years out of graduate school and living in the Washington D.C. area. Upon graduation, we were optimistic that our future, including our financial future, would be bright and prosperous. However, we were unprepared for the high cost of living in the DC area. That, along with our new student loan payment, and the usual expenses of a young family of 4 nearly put us under. To put it bluntly, we were dying financially! If we needed new tires for our car, or had to make a car insurance payment, it all went on the credit card. New furniture and new clothes were unheard of. After 7 years of marriage, we still couldn’t afford to go on a ‘date’. Instead, we had friends over to play games and enjoy a treat. Nothing wrong with that, until one time it all came to a head. Our friends wanted a drink of milk with the brownies we had offered them; they came into the kitchen and poured themselves one glass, then another glass, and another, until finally the whole gallon was gone. It wasn’t until they were gone, that I broke down in sobs, knowing we didn’t have enough money to purchase another gallon until the next week. Things had to change! I desperately began trying to make money-at-home. I tried several different things, from network marketing to piano lessons, but never made more than $300 in any business adventure I pursued.

One day my father called and offered to buy airline tickets for the whole family to come home at Christmas. He said he had 2 new ideas that were so exciting they ‘kept him up at night’ and he wanted to share those when we came home for Christmas. I begged him to tell me then, but he wouldn’t relent, saying I had to wait until Christmas.

Finally, upon arriving at my parents home, I dropped my suitcase in the doorway and said ‘TELL ME!’. My dad began in a very animated and rambling way, telling how he had hired a ‘life coach’, created a ‘Creed’ and continued jabbering about how all of his goals were coming to fruition. I’m sure the blank stare on my face told him ‘I’m not getting this!!!’ My only comment was ‘Dad, you’re too old to play sports!’. After rolling his eyes, he started from the beginning and told me how he had hired Leo Weidner, a former student of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich to be his ‘life coach’. Leo was assisting him in writing down all of his goals from all areas of his life in a method that I had never heard of before. (Remember, this was the 80’s! and affirmations were just on their way ‘in’.) This ‘creed’ was a little like a personal mission statement but written in first person, present tense as if it had already happened! My dad went on to tell me that he had had an incredible experience so far and was accomplished his dreams much faster than he had anticipated. Still, I wasn’t really ‘getting’ what he was saying, and so he resorted to handing me a booklet, that he said would explain it all!

His second ‘revelation’ was a new business idea that a mutual friend had had much success with. When he mentioned this friend had made $30,000 in the month of November, I was all ears! It turned out the business was selling a ‘Wassail’ mix (a hot orange, lemon and spice drink) at craft shows. The mix was packaged in a cute Christmas plaid bag, tied with a bow, gift card and cinnamon stick. They sold for about $5 each and my dad anticipated that I could sell hundreds. Then he made a powerful suggestion that kept me up all night. He said ‘Why don’t you use this new goal setting method that I’m trying and put into your own ‘creed’ that you are financially stable and that you make lots of money from your wassail-selling business’. Because I came from a goal-oriented family and New Years was quickly approaching, it was just natural that I would be setting my own 1989 goals very shortly. I decided that I would in fact ‘TRY’ this new totally-off-the-wall Creed!

And so I began. I followed the details in the booklet, writing down my goals in each section of life (spiritual, physical, relationships, emotion, personal development and financial) ‘as if’ I had already accomplished them. It was strange at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. When I got to the financial section, I wrote: ‘I have a wassail business! In December 1989, I make $20,000. I do this by selling 2000 bags of wassail at 6 craft shows. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 1-3 p.m. in the afternoon, I make the necessary phone calls and preparations to accomplish this task.’ Interestingly, at the time I wrote this, I had no idea what was involved in having a ‘wassail-business’, because it was a brand-new idea to me.

After finishing up with the writing of my creed on a typewriter (no computer!), I was a little taken back that I was instructed in the booklet to record my written creed onto a cassette tape with Baroque music playing in the background! While still shaking my head at this crazy idea, I checked out Baroque music from the library, got our Fisher Price tape recorder and while my two little girls were playing in the other room, I began the task of recording my first-ever LifeVision!. What a nightmare! I was almost finished with the entire recording and the phone rang (so the ‘ringing sound’ was on my recording)a€|.so I turned off the phone and started again. This time I was almost done when one daughter came into the room crying about how her sister had hit her. So I locked the door and started at the beginning once again. This time it was banging on the door about how the sister had hit her againa€|a€| all on my recording! It took me approximately 2 hours to record a short 10 minute recording! But finally I had my recorded creed on tape.

It wasn’t many days later that I began to doubt myself. I remember feelings like ‘Get real Ann, your husband only makes $25,000 and you think you’re going to make $20,000 in a single month! And besides, look at your track record!!!’

These thoughts plagued me for a few days when finally I knew I had to change that single word in my creed from $20,000 to $5,000. But the thoughts of having to go through that nightmare for one word didn’t make sense. So I came up with the perfect solution! I would say ‘$5,000’ over the top of my recording each and every time I listened to it. This was being ‘realistic’ without the headache of having to re-record the entire thing. This worked for about 2 weeks. One day I was driving to the grocery store , supposedly listening to my creed, but I got to the end of the tape and realized that I hadn’t paid any attention to it. I had been day-dreaming and hadn’t focuses on it at all! (I’m sure I was making a mental grocery list instead). I was discouraged and scared, wondering how this would all work if I couldn’t focus on my goals! I found my dad’s booklet and in the back was Leo Weidner’s phone number. I called him and said something like the following: ‘Hi Leo, you don’t know me from Adam, but my dad is a client, and on my own, I’ve written a creed. After listening to it for several weeks, I’m having trouble focusing and usually become distracted while listening. Do you have any suggestions?’

Leo asked me if I had followed the instruction of recording it to Baroque music in the background. I said that I had. He said: “Good, it doesn’t matter if you’re focusing or not because the super-learning music helps to take it to the subconscious by putting you in the meditative state of Alpha.” (WAY too deep for me!) He assured me that it would work even if I daydreamed! PHEW!

Needless to say, it wasn’t too many days before I stopped saying ‘$5000’ over my $20,000 recorded goal. I continued to listen to my recording daily (at least subconsciously) for the next 10 months and crazily enough, I made $19,800 in the month of November !!!! Can I just say how thankful I am that I was too lazy to re-record my creed (thereafter to be called a LifeVision).

After this experience, I had to ask myself: “Why did this happen? What made it work?” I will admit that I didn’t spend the time researching the answer to these questions and the principles behind them. I was just thrilled it had worked and so I spent my time creating bigger and more powerful LifeVisions. I knew it worked, and I wasn’t too concerned at the time of ‘Why’ it worked. The results were enough for me.

The story is from 10000thoughts.com.

What are those symbols/badges in the green box below the logo?

What are those symbols/badges in the green box below the logo?

The symbols in the green member/search box below the site logo are called badges.  Badges are simply a way to make the site more fun.  A member’s badge will change symbols as the member’s point values change.

When you see someone else’s badge it is a quick way to see if they are a newbie to the site (few member points), or have been an active member for a while (lots of member points.)  Presently, there are 7 possible badges that a member can  “earn” on the website.

The symbols that are shown on the badges are actually symbols for the 7 chakras of the body.  If you are into chakras, you can find out more about these symbols here , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra    (I have also pasted a chart below.)

If you are not into chakras, simply ignore that aspect of the badges.  ;]

For the money I do have…

I am thankful for the money that I do have, though it is little (negative to be honest) it still comes in every two weeks… I could have no job and be living on the street, but instead I have a roof over my head, a computer with which I can view the entire world through the internet, and learn about new and wondrous things that inspire my dreams, I have a car to get me where I need to go when I can afford the gas to get there, I have food to eat, though I often eat to much, I have so much, and I know that so many of my needs are taken care of, and so many of my “needs” are wants, I hope that someday I am able to help somebody who has less than me to get to where I am, because I don’t have it soo bad…

All done

I have survived another of modern sciences procedures. Every thing was over and done in four and a half hours. I already feel like the gamma knife has cut away the blood source to my lesion in my head. Except for a massive headache and four sore spots, i feel fine. It is not a procedure i want to endure again anytime soon. The shots and screws in my head were a bit uncomfortable but we are on the uphill road now. I think the worst thing was hearing the guy before my go through the entire thing right before i did. Man, they needed some oil for those screws! If i could have kept that mask i would probably be the coolest and scariest Mom on the block for Halloween! My sister in law, Kerrri, is pregnant and had a kidney stone in the ER last night but all is also well with her also. Thanks be to God.

Few hours to go

We had a great weekend in Corpus followed by a wet and cold church picnic today. Food and fellowship was great though. My mind has constantly been on the task at hand for tomorrow morning. Just a bit of fear and apprehension in my gut. Been having trouble sleeping (duh) lots on my mind. What is best for my future? i need to make some decisions.

What causes green stool

If you have found yourself asking this question, it is important to understand that while the situation may not seem normal to you, it is a perfectly common question to ask. Almost everyone in the world for some reason or another has experienced this and felt concerned, some more often than others. It is nothing to be embarrassed of and it certainly is nothing to stress over unless it’s happening every day for an extended period of time. If you are wondering what does green poop mean and you think that your condition is chronic, you should discuss your concerns with your medical care provider to have proper testing done.

There are many reasons why people have this concern and it is not considered a serious problem, if it is cleared early. Generally, when the food is passed through the body early, there is no sufficient time to change the color of feces from green to brown. When people eat green leaves and other greenery vegetables, the poop would be green in color. The main reason is that the digesting system should take its specified time to pass through the body.

On several occasions, it is made and wondered what it means. It is usually used to mean one having a green stool which is nothing to make you worried, often it can even be a healthy stool. Personally I get green poop all the time when I’m taking chlorella tablets. It may however need medical attention in some cases since it can sometimes point to a serious underlying issue which requires an immediate specialized attention.

Both, healthy and unhealthy foods that make up your diet can be to blame. Most people want to blame asparagus, broccoli, green beans, spinach and other healthy greens but foods like breakfast cereal, red meat, cake, soda, juice, ice-cream, candy and gum are causes as well. If you are wondering what the factors are, order your free bottle of Bowtrol to restore your healthy system today.

About Dr. Eric Berg and His System for Burning Fat

Dr. Eric Berg is known as one of the most reputed weight loss doctors. He is also part of the panel of doctors on the Health Science Institute which is a newsletter with a circulation of more than 75,000 subscribers. He also owns his own newsletter and is known to offer amazing weight loss tips and strategies to people battling with weight problems. Some of the books published by Dr Eric Berg on this topic include Healthy Hormones and Healthy life which mostly deals with diets.

Dr. Eric Berg is also known for providing a dependable fat burning system that aids in weight loss. This serves to increase his popularity. The system is logical and takes an easy to follow. In the program, he identifies some of the hormones known to store and burn fats. From there, he provides a step by step guide that makes it possible to ensure they work to your benefit. In the long run, this goes a long way to ensure you lose weight at a quick pace and without having to go through some of the extreme measures that other people seek to follow.

There is a vast wealth of information about Dr. Eric Berg and these can be found with ease online. There are also videos and in these, he seeks to explain fat loss. There are also some stress hormones which are known to speed up weight gain and he explains these as well. Dr. Berg believes that weight loss cannot be achieved unless you understand your body type and as such, he explains the different body types and how each works in relation to losing weight. Some of the body types as explained by Dr Eric Berg include Ovary, thyroid, adrenal and liver among others. By using Dr. Eric Berg weight loss programs, you will be better placed to note significant weight loss.

Download jLynx

jLynx is hosted on SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jlynx/

“Complexity is holding our industry back right now. A lot of what is bought and paid for doesn’t get implemented because of complexity. Maybe this is the industry’s biggest challenge.”

~ Ray Lane
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

jLynx is a simple, lite, hi-performance layer over the JDBC API. Persist and retrieve POJO and Map objects directly. SQL code and connections configured in XML. Designed for developer productivity. Simpler, easy to learn compared to Hibernate, JPA, etc.

CMM Whitepaper

Implementing the CMM is generally a major undertaking that requires considerable investment and time. Before adopting the CMM an organization must determine its’ goals at the outset and fully examine the risks, costs and benefits involved.

Download our popular whitepaper on creating value by implementing the CMM in your organization.