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“Complexity is holding our industry back right now. A lot of what is bought and paid for doesn’t get implemented because of complexity. Maybe this is the industry’s biggest challenge.”

~ Ray Lane
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

jLynx is a simple, lite, hi-performance layer over the JDBC API. Persist and retrieve POJO and Map objects directly. SQL code and connections configured in XML. Designed for developer productivity. Simpler, easy to learn compared to Hibernate, JPA, etc.

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Implementing the CMM is generally a major undertaking that requires considerable investment and time. Before adopting the CMM an organization must determine its’ goals at the outset and fully examine the risks, costs and benefits involved.

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All done

I have survived another of modern sciences procedures. Every thing was over and done in four and a half hours. I already feel like the gamma knife has cut away the blood source to my lesion in my head. Except for a massive headache and four sore spots, i feel fine. It is not a procedure i want to endure again anytime soon. The shots and screws in my head were a bit uncomfortable but we are on the uphill road now. I think the worst thing was hearing the guy before my go through the entire thing right before i did. Man, they needed some oil for those screws! If i could have kept that mask i would probably be the coolest and scariest Mom on the block for Halloween! My sister in law, Kerrri, is pregnant and had a kidney stone in the ER last night but all is also well with her also. Thanks be to God.

Few hours to go

We had a great weekend in Corpus followed by a wet and cold church picnic today. Food and fellowship was great though. My mind has constantly been on the task at hand for tomorrow morning. Just a bit of fear and apprehension in my gut. Been having trouble sleeping (duh) lots on my mind. What is best for my future? i need to make some decisions.

What causes green stool

If you have found yourself asking this question, it is important to understand that while the situation may not seem normal to you, it is a perfectly common question to ask. Almost everyone in the world for some reason or another has experienced this and felt concerned, some more often than others. It is nothing to be embarrassed of and it certainly is nothing to stress over unless it’s happening every day for an extended period of time. If you are wondering what does green poop mean and you think that your condition is chronic, you should discuss your concerns with your medical care provider to have proper testing done.

There are many reasons why people have this concern and it is not considered a serious problem, if it is cleared early. Generally, when the food is passed through the body early, there is no sufficient time to change the color of feces from green to brown. When people eat green leaves and other greenery vegetables, the poop would be green in color. The main reason is that the digesting system should take its specified time to pass through the body.

On several occasions, it is made and wondered what it means. It is usually used to mean one having a green stool which is nothing to make you worried, often it can even be a healthy stool. Personally I get green poop all the time when I’m taking chlorella tablets. It may however need medical attention in some cases since it can sometimes point to a serious underlying issue which requires an immediate specialized attention.

Both, healthy and unhealthy foods that make up your diet can be to blame. Most people want to blame asparagus, broccoli, green beans, spinach and other healthy greens but foods like breakfast cereal, red meat, cake, soda, juice, ice-cream, candy and gum are causes as well. If you are wondering what the factors are, order your free bottle of Bowtrol to restore your healthy system today.

About Dr. Eric Berg and His System for Burning Fat

Dr. Eric Berg is known as one of the most reputed weight loss doctors. He is also part of the panel of doctors on the Health Science Institute which is a newsletter with a circulation of more than 75,000 subscribers. He also owns his own newsletter and is known to offer amazing weight loss tips and strategies to people battling with weight problems. Some of the books published by Dr Eric Berg on this topic include Healthy Hormones and Healthy life which mostly deals with diets.

Dr. Eric Berg is also known for providing a dependable fat burning system that aids in weight loss. This serves to increase his popularity. The system is logical and takes an easy to follow. In the program, he identifies some of the hormones known to store and burn fats. From there, he provides a step by step guide that makes it possible to ensure they work to your benefit. In the long run, this goes a long way to ensure you lose weight at a quick pace and without having to go through some of the extreme measures that other people seek to follow.

There is a vast wealth of information about Dr. Eric Berg and these can be found with ease online. There are also videos and in these, he seeks to explain fat loss. There are also some stress hormones which are known to speed up weight gain and he explains these as well. Dr. Berg believes that weight loss cannot be achieved unless you understand your body type and as such, he explains the different body types and how each works in relation to losing weight. Some of the body types as explained by Dr Eric Berg include Ovary, thyroid, adrenal and liver among others. By using Dr. Eric Berg weight loss programs, you will be better placed to note significant weight loss.